Friday, March 25, 2022, Swap & Shop

Mar 25, 2022 at 09:06 am by Producer

WANTED: Need someone to dig a footer and put concrete blocks up - and need a plumber too - this is for a 12’X40’ - 615-243-7736

FOR SALE: 1998 Lexus ES300 - $2,000 - 615-573-4386

FOR SALE: Craftsman bench top drill press. Very nice tool. $100. 615-556-3466           

FOR SALE: Have a nice exercise bike one of the big ones that unfolds and you do the asking $75 call 615-956-4153                  

FOR SALE: 5 shelf bookcase great for books and dolls. $25. 615-524-1979                     

FOR SALE: Full size bed platforms and one twin bed platforms $25 a piece call 615-956-4153                        

FOR SALE: Got three nice display tables one big one and two smaller ones $25 a piece call 615-956-4153 in good shape                                                 

FOR SALE: Have a 2-piece desk in good shape for $50. Full size bed platforms and a twin size play platform for $25 a piece, call 615-956-4153                         

FOR SALE: Washer and dryer for sale $200 for both or $100 each. Also, 18-foot above ground pool $150 - CALL 615-427-8672     

FOR SALE: Would like to haul away any old appliances scrap metals or cars anything metal call for free pickup 615-956-4153                                 

WANTED: Want to buy 6 guinea hens - Call 615 848 3590                     

WANTED: Looking for Equipment trailer my number is 615-556-0528

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