Indoor Football Arena for Tennessee Titans Proposed – Rutherford County Lawmakers not Keen on the idea of State Funding for the Proposed Titans Dome

Mar 25, 2022 at 12:18 pm by WGNS

Several officials with the City of Nashville, along with a handful of state lawmakers, are evidently pushing for government funding to be used on a new indoor arena for the Tennessee Titans.

State Representative Tim Rudd of Murfreesboro spoke out about the idea of state funding to offset the cost of a dome football stadium…


Representative Bryan Terry of Murfreesboro said it would be a negative for officials to approve the use of state dollars to construct a football stadium when Rutherford County has expensive landfill issues that need to be solved. Rep. Terry said tax dollars would be better spent on a solution to the Rutherford County landfill woes – which could come in the form of a landfill and recycling center that would be a public / private partnership…

The Middle Point Landfill in the Walter Hill area of Rutherford County has a 6 to 7-year life expectancy. The landfill is used by multiple counties in the Middle Tennessee area.

The idea of a Tennessee Titans Dome is not new to the NFL by any stretch of the imagination. There are multiple fully enclosed football arenas throughout the country. Many of those were built with a mixture of state, city and private funding.




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