Truck At Full-Throttle In Car Wash

Mar 26, 2022 at 06:45 pm by WGNS


(MURFREESBORO) In our odd, but true stories of the weekend, most would say that Saturday (3/26/2022) was a beautiful day... It was sunny with temps around 60s, and breezy enough to scatter the polen everywhere. During the cool and breezy day, a motorist drove his truck into Auto Pride Car Wash at 1515 NW Broad Street around 5:30PM to clean his truck for the weekend, but something went wrong.

That's when he discovered that the super cab black Dodge Ram wouldn't shut down. The truck apparently could not be turned off.

Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Chief Joe Bell told NewsRadio WGNS that the truck was stuck at full-throttle. 


For the safety of the public, units from the fire department surrounded the carwash and kept customers and on-lookers away from the carwash. 

Bell indicated that their only choice was to use up all of the fuel and let the truck shut-down on its own. 

Odd, but true. 

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