Hug a Plumber Day Nearing - Mayor McFarland and The Wyland Foundation Invite Residents to Conserve

Mar 30, 2022 at 07:07 pm by WGNS

MURFREESBORO, TN—Most people don't realize it... but WGNS wanted to make everyone aware of a special day that is celebrated around the country annually on April 25th - it is known as National "Hug a Plumber Day."

While you may not have heard about the Hug a Plumber Day, plumbers like Terry Bauer with Bauer Plumbing Services in Murfreesboro know about it...


Hug a Plumber Day is a day that you can thank (or hug) a plumber, who often tackles the jobs that most people don't enjoy doing.

Speaking of plumbers who deal with water - both clean and dirty on a daily basis... Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland and the Murfreesboro Water Resources Department (MWRD) are encouraging you and your family to make a pledge toward water conservation!

Conserve water during the month of April,
which celebrates several water-themed days:

• Water Week (week of 4/15):  This week was originally designated Clean Water Week by President Nixon in 1973.  Currently, water sector organizations are gathering in Washington, DC, during this week to advocate for national policies to advance clean and safe waters. 

• Earth Day (4/22):  An easy day to raise awareness of all the issues surrounding water on our Earth.  The MTE 21st Annual Earth Day is Saturday, 4/23, from 10 AM – 2 PM around the square.

• Hug a Plumber Day (4/25):  Utilize this special day to thank a plumber for helping to maintain the clean flow of water and the removal of dirty water from your home.  

• Save the Frogs Day (last Saturday of April):  Did you know tadpoles filter our drinking water?  Frogs are regarded as great bioindicators, and their numbers are shrinking. Worldwide amphibian conservations efforts need help to protect our amphibian friends.

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Water - Continued...

Water conservation holds us accountable for using water wisely and being aware of the ecological footprint we leave on our world for generations to come. Water demand is high, but its supply is gradually decreasing. We must challenge ourselves, our friends, and our families to conserve water, prevent pollution, and reduce unnecessary usage. We must protect the sustainability of our most precious natural resource- water.

The overall campaign is designed to:

• Save costs for consumers
• Save infrastructure and operating costs for cities
• Promote drought resiliency
• Protect watersheds and ecosystems

Every Murfreesboro resident that registers for the challenge will be entered into an MWRD-Community Affairs drawing. Citizens can make the pledge.

Here is how it works:

• Residents go to
• Take a 4-step water conservation pledge on behalf of the City of Murfreesboro.
• Review the City Of Murfreesboro's standings.
• Live out your pledge and watch your water usage trends change.


The challenge has become widely recognized as one of the most engaging, zero-cost outreach tools specially designed for cities and water utilities to encourage conservation in the United States. As a leader, City and citizen participation will promote conservation-minded water management. Participants can win hundreds of prizes and select a charity within our City to win a Toyota Hybrid SUV. Last year pledges were awarded $50K+ in prizes to almost 300 city residents in America. The enormous response from last year's challenge reduced water and electricity usage. The National Mayor's Challenge for Water Conservation was created to reward residents for positive conservation behavior, provide immediate feedback with real-time, City by city results that can be measured against their neighboring cities, set goals to promote positive changes in consumer behavior, and put a spotlight on public role models to encourage behavior change.

Need More Information?

For information about The Wyland Foundation: or

Go to for water conservation tips for your home, school, or business. Do your part; be water smart!

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