Murfreesboro Parks and Rec on WGNS Tuesday morning

May 24, 2022 at 05:50 am by WGNS

Today on the WGNS Action Line we focused on the Murfreesboro Parks and Rec. Below are the guests that WGNS' Scott Walker spoke to and the topics covered...

Susan Hicks (Cultural Arts):

   Movies Under the Stars

   Splash Out (6/16@ Siegel) (7/7 BCP) (7/21 OFP)

Vonchelle Stembridge and Mallory Crook (Bradley Academy Museum & Cultural Center):

   Juneteenth (6/18)

   Authors’ Night (6/16)

   Kaleidoscope (6/17)

Thomas Laird (Asst. Director):

   Memorial Day Madness (5/30)

   Boro Beach (opens 5/28)

Rachel Singer – Boat Day (6/25) Water Safety and Summer Camps

Global Running Day is June 1
5k ("The Big Run") at Gateway Island at 6pm
Registration for the 15th Annual Middle Half opens at 8 a.m.
Both signups are at

All events and programs can be found on the calendar at