Rutherford County Growing Exceptionally Fast, Unemployment Low and Schools are Good

May 31, 2022 at 12:33 pm by WGNS

Despite the Growth, Rutherford County continues to maintain that small town feel.

The Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce and Rutherford Works report that Rutherford County is currently one of the hottest places to do business and one of the fastest-growing counties in the United States. The Chamber wrote in their email newsletter, “Our Economic Development team works to attract new companies, retain existing industries and help established businesses grow.”

The Chamber reported that the Nashville Business Journal and U.S. News & World Report shows that Rutherford County ranks number one for high schools, middle schools and elementary schools in Tennessee. Rutherford County is also home to MTSU, the largest university in Middle Tennessee.


The Chamber also noted that Forbes magazine shows Rutherford County is listed in the number three position for job growth in the Metro Statistical Area. Of course, this area knows growth well as it has been a continued trend for Murfreesboro, Smyrna, LaVergne and Eagleville.  

Making way for even more growth, Rutherford County is within a 45-minute drive of 600-thousand workers, 22-colleges and universities and a huge variety of commercial and industrial properties, as noted by the Rutherford Works property page (HERE). Rutherford Works, “We’ve quickly become a location of choice for over 700 new residents each month. Commercial real estate and site selection in Rutherford County, including or which includes properties in Murfreesboro, Smyrna and La Verge, features a prime location along I-24 for a pro-business climate, low cost of living, and clean, reliable energy.”

There are 34 statistical areas on the Tennessee map. The combined Nashville - Davidson - Murfreesboro Statistical Area (MSA) includes a population of over 2-million residents. The counties that make-up the MSA include Davidson, Rutherford, Williamson, Bedford, Sumner, Wilson, Maury, Robertson, Dickson, Lawrence, Marshall, Cheatham, Macon, Smith, Cannon and Trousdale Counties.

As for the current job market, the most recently released unemployment numbers released last week show that Rutherford County is in the top ten tier of counties with the lowest jobless numbers.  Smyrna had the lowest unemployment in Rutherford County this past April (2022). Smyrna's unemployment numbers came in at 2.4% last month, which is a 1.5% drop compared to April of 2021 (unemployment rate of 3.9% in April of 2021). Murfreesboro's jobless rate for April was 2.6%. One year prior in 2021, Murfreesboro recorded a 3.9% unemployment rate. LaVergne had an unemployment rate of 2.6% last month, which was a big improvement compared to the 4.5% unemployment rate that was recorded in April of 2021.


Growth in Tennessee: The data used in this analysis is from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Current Employment Statistics dataset. To determine the locations with the most employment growth, researchers at Filterbuy calculated the percentage change in employment between March 2021 and March 2022. In the event of a tie, the location with the greater total change in employment since March of 2021 was ranked higher.

The analysis found that employment in Tennessee has grown 4.1% since last year—a 2.0% increase since the start of the pandemic. 

Here is a summary of the data for Tennessee:

  • Percentage change in employment since 2021: +4.1%
  • Total change in employment since 2021: +124,800
  • Percentage change in employment since 2020: +2.0%
  • Total change in employment since 2020: +62,700
  • Current unemployment rate: 3.2%

For reference, here are the statistics for the entire United States:

  • Percentage change in employment since 2021: +4.5%
  • Total change in employment since 2021: +6,494,000
  • Percentage change in employment since 2020: -0.1%
  • Total change in employment since 2020: -81,000
  • Current unemployment rate: 3.6%

For more information, a detailed methodology, and complete results, you can find the original report on Filterbuy’s website:



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