Political Forums to be held on WGNS RADIO June 17, 2022 to July 8, 2022 (1)

Jun 27, 2022 at 06:00 am by WGNS

WGNS Radio will continue a long-time tradition of holding political forums for some of the more heavily contested or heated races that have received news coverage in recent months. The next forum to be aired “LIVE” and un-edited will be on Thursday, June 30th.  Scroll down to see the WGNS Political Forum schedule that includes names of our invited guests and what offices they are seeking. If you would like to send WGNS questions to ask our guests, we invite you to send questions that are geared towards the office they are seeking and not questions focused on the candidate who is seeking that position. You can SUBMIT candidate questions to WGNS HERE.  

The upcoming forums that WGNS will focus on include the seat for Rutherford County Mayor, the position of Juvenile Court Judge and the Murfreesboro City Council.


This past May, residents voted in a variety of races to decide who to move forward as a candidate to run in the August 4, 2022 election for Rutherford County Mayor, Rutherford County Sheriff and more. The May 3rd race included names running in the Rutherford County Primary and Democratic Primary races and in the Murfreesboro City Municipal race.

On August 4, 2022, residents will have a chance to finalize their decision and vote for the next County Mayor, Sheriff, School Board Members, the Juvenile Court Judge and City Council Members, just to name a few of the current seats available. Early voting for the August 4th race will be held July 15th through July 30th. See the full 2022 Election Schedule HERE. Submit Questions for the WGNS Political Forums HERE. Scroll down to see the WGNS Political Forum schedule that includes names of our invited guests and what offices they are seeking.

Below is a schedule of upcoming political forums, which will air “LIVE” between 8:10 AM and 9 AM on Thursday – June 30, Tuesday – July 5 and Friday – July 8. Our program line-up for the Action Line Political Forum, Dates and Candidate Information is below (Submit questions for candidates during the WGNS political forums HERE):  

6/30: Thursday – Political Forum: Rutherford County Mayor (Submit Questions Anonymously): Joe Carr, Randy Allen, Norman Hanks, Royce Olen Johnson (Current Rutherford County Mayor Information HERE)

7/5: Tuesday – Political Forum: Juvenile Court Judge (Submit Questions Anonymously): Travis Lampley, Andrae Crismon (Current Rutherford County Juvenile Court Judge Information HERE)

7/8: Friday – Political Forum: Murfreesboro City Council (Submit Questions Anonymously): Murfreesboro Vice Mayor Madelyn Scales Harris (Incumbent), Jami Averwater, Carolyn Cox, Austin Maxwell, Warren Russell and Ricky Turner, Samantha Sourinho  (Current Murfreesboro City Council Members HERE)

Submit questions anonymously for candidates that will be heard on the upcoming political forums HERE.

Links for all Ballots - Rutherford County General Election Information (Candidate Names and Areas), Murfreesboro Municipal Election Ballot (Candidate Names and Areas), State and Federal Republican Primary (Candidate Names and Areas), State and Federal Democratic Primary Ballot (Candidate Names and Areas), Smyrna Town Judicial Election Ballot (Candidate Names and Areas).

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