Oakland Swimming names Brewer as new head coach

Jul 09, 2022 at 08:42 am by Danny Brewer

  Oakland high school swimming is the most decorated aquatic program in Rutherford County. The Patriots have recently chosen a new leader who plans on producing the same old results.

  Drew Brewer has been named as the next head swim coach at Oakland high school. Having served as the head coach at Oakland Middle School for the past ten years and as an assistant to former Patriot coach Shantel Perry for four seasons, Brewer is very familiar with the water he is diving into.

  Having founded the swim program at Oakland Middle, Brewer has already played a major part in the recent high school success. Providing a feeder system that not only conditions athletes but also lays the groundwork for success, Brewer has built the top middle school program in Rutherford County and one of the best in the state of Tennessee. Numerous accolades, including nine Rutherford County team championships, decorate the Charger trophy case.

  Full of ambition and truly a torch bearer for the sport, Brewer has chosen to remain as head coach at Oakland Middle while also assuming the role of Patriot head coach.

  “I am really excited for the opportunity to work with these kids for an extended period”, says Brewer, who is a history teacher at Oakland Middle. “I think it gives me an advantage as the coach of my own feeder program. Developing these kids from a young age is great and now I will get to be a part of their lives as they continue to grow in and out of the pool.”

  Middle school swimming has been his focus for the past decade, but Brewer is well aware of the competitive nature of high school swimming. As a standout swimmer at Smyrna high school (2001-2004), he captained the first Bulldog team to win the Rutherford County meet (2004). But now it is time to continue a proud Patriot tradition of excellence in the water.

  “I understand the tradition we have here at Oakland and my goal is to continue that”, says Brewer. “There is a lot of responsibility that comes with this tradition, but we welcome the challenge. Our goals are to bring home another County championship, contend for a division title, and qualify as many kids as we can for region and state.”  


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