TwelveStone Infusion Support Application Approved to Expand to 90-Counties

Oct 13, 2022 at 10:59 am by WGNS Radio News

MURFREESBORO, Tenn - TwelveStone Health Partners, a leading provider of comprehensive chronic care medication services based in Murfreesboro,  announced Thursday the TwelveStone Infusion Support CON application was approved September 28, 2022, for 90 counties in the state of Tennessee. The CON application: including all 95 counties, was filed with the Health Facilities Commission on May 31, 2022.
TwelveStone's comprehensive specialty pharmacy serves patients across Tennessee and proposed an expansion of services by establishing a new Home Care Organization and initiating Home Health Services. Many of TwelveStone's patients require home health nursing to assist with the administration of injected or infused medications. The recently approved CON allows TwelveStone to provide nursing care for their patients when other home health options are unavailable.
"Obtaining this CON further equips TwelveStone to deliver on the promise of a positive and convenient experience for patients who need a higher-level of care," says Shane Reeves, chief executive officer, TwelveStone Health Partners. "This is another way TwelveStone Health Partners is differentiated from other specialty pharmacies in regard to offering the highest level of care to those with chronic and complex conditions."
In the last few years more and more infusions are occurring in a patients' home, for a variety of reasons. Those include improvements in delivery systems for infusible pharmaceuticals, patient/consumer preference, regulatory changes (including the FDA allowing more pharmaceuticals to be infused in a home setting), insurance demands and the COVID pandemic.
With CON approval, TwelveStone patients will have greater accessibility to receive their medications in their home offering an expansion of options complimenting the infusion services sites currently located in Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, Knoxville, Chattanooga with more planned in Davidson County. This important step will benefit their specialist referral partners in all of markets allowing them to provide care in a convenient Infusion Center location located near home or directly in the home for even great convenience.  
"I want to thank Richard Gregory, director of sales, regional & national accounts, Ashley Hempfling, Pharm D, CSP and Tara Harrelson, compliance officer for their leadership and collaboration on this project," says Dave Carter, chief revenue officer, TwelveStone Health Partners.

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