Music City Bowl delivers again

Jan 01, 2023 at 10:16 am by Danny Brewer

Tennessee native Destin Wade quarterbacked Kentucky in the Music City Bowl

For twenty-five years now the Music City Bowl has done what it was supposed to do...deliver a post-season bowl game between big-time programs.

The quarter-century marker that saw Iowa and Kentucky stand toe to toe may not have been the most exciting, well-played game in this Bowl's history, but nonetheless it offered the fabric with which these games have been formed. Bringing two schools together that normally do not play each other in front of a nice crowd with spirit and pride as the motivational factors. These are the things that make college football special.

For many moons, the Bowl season has represented itself as a reward for programs and fans alike. Traveling to either participate or support the colors near and dear to the heart is always exciting. The Music City Bowl has never been a "championship decider", but it has always featured good matchups between power five schools and over the years Nashville has become a desired destination for many.

As for this year's contest, Iowa's 21-0 win was a bit of a snoozer as only one offensive touchdown made for few fireworks. Two pick-six plays did bring Hawkeye fans to their feet and precipitated a buzz from the 40,000 plus in attendance. A highlight for local high school football fans was the opportunity to see former Summit standout Destin Wade in his first-ever start at quarterback for Kentucky. Unfortunately for Wade, it was a welcome to major college football as the true freshman had flashes, but was less than stellar.

As the landscape of college football changes, one thing old schoolers hope to hold on to are things like the Music City Bowl. It is okay if some things remain the a post-season college football game in Nashville. 

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