SCAM: Fake Lottery Hits Middle Tennessee

Jan 12, 2023 at 05:08 pm by WGNS News

Another SCAM has hit the Middle Tennessee area and authorities are warning residents not to fall for it. The scam revolves around a $750-thousand grand prize that is in reality, too good to be true.


Victims of the scam receive a letter that suggests they won the money in a Publishers Clearing House / Free Lotto Association of North America Lottery. The letter informs the fictitious winner that their funds can only be held for one week. To make the scam feel more realistic, an actual check is included with the letter that is supposed to cover the cost of taxes.

Winners of the scam are asked to contact Mr. Vince Otto who will be their claims agent. Mr. Otto will then walk the winner through a series of tasks to complete before the winnings are transferred to the winners bank account - of course, the money transfer will never occur, because the entire thing is fake.

In nearby Warren County, the Sheriff's Office has even posted information about the scam to their social media page to further warn residents about the lottery scam. There, they suggest if you receive the letter to report it.


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