Town of Smyrna Warns - Do Not Scan the QR Code

Mar 23, 2023 at 08:38 pm by WGNS News

Smyrna, TN – Officials in the Town of Smyrna has been made aware of SCAM QR codes being placed around Smyrna indicating "Scan to win a trip to Miami.” Authorities warn, “Do Not Scan,” as this may be a way to access your personal information.

An FBI report that was released last year stated, "Cybercriminals tamper with both digital and physical QR codes to replace legitimate codes with malicious codes. A victim scans what they think to be a legitimate code but the tampered code directs victims to a malicious site, which prompts them to enter login and financial information. Access to this victim information gives the cybercriminal the ability to potentially steal funds through victim accounts.”


Smyrna will be doing all they can to remove the QR codes from signs and property. Smyrna invites residents to join them in removing QR codes when you see one.

The FBI further reported, “While QR codes are not malicious in nature, it is important to practice caution when entering financial information as well as providing payment through a site navigated to through a QR code. Law enforcement cannot guarantee the recovery of lost funds after transfer.



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