House Sitter in Rutherford Co. Receives Help from a Phone Call in England

Apr 10, 2023 at 06:27 pm by WGNS News

Deputy Chris Taylor and Deputy Chris Beach checks on a house sitter being treated by paramedics.

Rutherford County, TN - It all started with a phone call from England... A Rutherford County couple traveling overseas became concerned when a woman who was a relative and house-sitting for them didn’t answer. They made repeated phone calls and even left messages for the house sitter this past week.


Their concern started growing. They called a friend and asked for his help. The friend called the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office and asked for a deputy to check on the house sitter’s well-being.

Patrol Deputies Chris Beach and Chris Taylor responded to the home. They repeatedly knocked on doors, looked into windows, called the house sitter’s phone and even spoke over their public address system to make contact with the house sitter.

Beach went the extra mile to make a phone call back to England.

“Hey Sarge, I’m going to have to break this door down” were Beach’s first words to his supervisor, Sgt. Robert Horne. Beach got the homeowner’s permission to enter the home and notified his chain of command.

Horne said once inside the home, deputies located the woman and discovered she was experiencing a medical emergency. Beach and Taylor repositioned the woman, covered her with a blanket and comforted her.

Beach requested medical assistance. Rutherford County Emergency Medical Services paramedics and Rutherford County Fire & Rescue firefighters responded. The woman was soon on her way to the hospital in the capable hands of RCEMS Medic #11.

Beach made another phone call to England. Family members were informed of the woman’s status.

RCFD Squad #52 firefighter/partner Brad Matthews and firefighter Seth Parks helped deputies re-secure the broken door frame. “Great job, Deputy Beach,” Horne said. “Special thanks to RCEMS and RFCD for their teamwork.”


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