Creative Southern Comfort Served in Rutherford County

Apr 24, 2023 at 10:48 pm by WGNS News

Story by Justin Stokes - Listen to the story by clicking the play button below.

Smyrna, TN - (Listen to the entire newscast above) After working in the Tech industry for about 30-years and retiring 7-years ago, Rutherford County resident Adam Barnes decided to follow his heart - - to the beat of a hobby that he has enjoyed for most of his adult life... Upon closing out his chapter in the tech industry, Barnes opened a new chapter...

After starting the Southern Spoon food truck, which is based in Smyrna, Adam's love for cooking only grew stronger... With a following of friends, customers and encouragement, Adam and his wife Crystal decided to open a restaurant... Barnes describes his dishes... The brick and mortar restaurant, known as the Southern Spoon is near the intersection of Sam Ridley Parkway and North Lowry Street in Smyrna... The address is 1303 Plaza Drive. They're open Tuesday through Thursday from 8 AM to 5 PM and Friday through Sunday from 7 AM to 5 PM.


Working as a husband and wife team is tough for some, but for Adam and Crystal - - it seems to come natural. When asked what role the two play at the restaurant, Adam told us... Adam laughed and said that he also drives the food truck, which he jokingly called “The Beast.”

Catering the Southern Spoon: The Barnes are hard workers... which is why their food truck has routinely been named one of the premiere food trucks in the Nashville area. And when the husband and wife have a catering job, you better believe their food truck will be with them... Adam said their Southern Spoon food truck is one of the key ingredients to catering, because it allows them to bring their own kitchen to the event.

Planning ahead and being creative are big deals for the Barnes. During events they cater, they serve food from the heart. Serving from the heart means they bring a little extra love to the table... Learn more about Rutherford County's hidden gem known as the Southern Spoon in Smyrna by visiting them for breakfast or lunch. Or, give them a call at (615)768-5333 for your upcoming event or party. The locally owned restaurant can be found online at


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