A FOCUS on Middle Tennessee State University

May 15, 2023 at 09:34 am by Producer

Focus on Middle Tennessee State University: 

Segment #1: Director of New Student and Family Programs Gina Poff tells about CUSTOMS for new high school students as well as students transferring from other colleges. 

Segment #2: Center for Fairness, Justice and Equity Director Michelle Stevens tells about the TEACH BACK INITIATIVE. This program creates special incentives for students to become educators.  Phone 615-898-2297 for more information.

Segment #3: MTSU's Aerospace Department is growing. There is a shortage of commercial pilots as well as air traffic control operators. MTSU is one of the top training colleges for these professions in the world. Director of Aerospace Safety Meredith Boardman shares information about their new classes. Plus, next month brings the 2023 WOMEN'S AIR RACE CLASSIC starting in Grand Forks, ND and flying 2,400 miles in 4-days to Homestead, FL. We talk with MTSU's Pro-Pilot major and pilot for the race Meredith Boardman. Plus, Outreach Assistant Briana McDonald, who is a pro pilot major and started to become an air traffic controller, but changed to being a pilot. For more about the Women's Air Race Classic, go to:  https//airraceclassic.org