End of Watch, RIP Detective Jake Beu

May 20, 2023 at 07:49 am by WGNS

RCSO photo

(MURFREESBORO)   Detective Jacob “Jake” Beu’s line of duty death marks one of the darkest days at the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh said at the detective’s funeral service Friday (5/19/2023).

“Today is a trying day for all of us gathered, especially for Jake’s mother, Lori, brothers, Garett and Josh and his wife, Faith, and Jake’s girlfriend, Katie,” Fitzhugh said. “Jake was family to all of us at the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office who are grieving the loss of their brother and friend.”


His death is a sad day for law enforcement too, Fitzhugh told several hundred law enforcement officers and first responders during the service at Franklin Road Baptist Church. Beu is a U.S. Marine and served as a SWAT Team member at the Sheriff’s Office.

“We love Jake, we mourn Jake,” Fitzhugh said.  “We thank you all for giving us Jake. The entire Sheriff’s Office salutes Jake and thanks him for his service, not only to us but this nation.”

Firefighter/paramedic Dallas McLemore, who is the SWAT Team’s chaplain, said Beu’s sense of humor showed he wanted a firefighter to speak at his Celebration of Life.

McLemore described Beu as a warrior and SWAT operator whose job was to breach doors during operations.

“He never met a door that stood a chance,” McLemore said as listeners laughed.

Beu loved his family and friends, being a cop, University of Tennessee football, hunting and jiu jitsu.

“Jake’s faith has become his sight,” McLemore said. “He would put those big bear paws on you and say, ‘seek the truth.’”

Fellow Detective Nick Madore said he met Beu in the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy.

“Jake is the kind of person you wanted for your partner and friend,” Madore said. “Jake was always there for me and many others who needed help.”

Fellow Detective David Ashburn referred to Beu’s strength in saying he was a fierce competitor in water polo. If he got ahold of you, there was no way you could get away. Ashburn advised teammates to play dead like a bear because he like the bear would finally get tired.

“We will see you again one day, buddy,” Ashburn said.

Beu’s brother, Josh, said Beu loved doing exciting things who showed him how to pursue dreams and goals. He was protected and loved serving his country.

“He always seemed like a super hero,” Josh Beu said. “The world was a little safer in his presence.”

Brother Garrett Beu said Jake always came to his rescue.

“He was the best big brother and son that a family could have,” Garrett Beu said. “I love you, Jake, and I’ll see you when it’s time.”

Pastor Mike Norris said Beu worked security at the church and gave comfort to members.

He’s never seen a tribute like the one the law enforcement community is giving Beu.

“The way you work together makes us feel safe,” Pastor Norris said.

He spoke of David the warrior king in relation to Beu’s work as a deputy and detective.

“Jake was a protector,” Pastor Norris said.

He referred to David’s 23rd Psalm describing death as a valley. God is “our peace in the valley of the shadow of death. “