3-Segement Show: The Healing Fields, a Wedding Dress Display and More Hospital Beds for Psychiatric Patients in Tennessee

May 26, 2023 at 09:00 am by WGNS News

Today, the WGNS Action Line consisted of three different segments.

During the first half of the show, host Scott Walker talked to Don Wright of the Exchange Club to learn about Healing Fields, “Flags of Remembrance.” The Memorial Day Weekend event pays honor to the men and women who fought for our country in the military to allow us the freedoms we have today. 300-Amercian Flags are being displayed next to First United Methodist Church at 265 W. Thompson Lane in Murfreesboro Saturday, May 27 – Monday, May 29th.

Segment Two (:21-minutes into the podcast) – Jackie Jenkins and Rebecca Cross discuss “Wedding Dresses Across Decades & Cultures,” a special display taking place at the Woman’s Club in Murfreesboro the first 3-weekends of June (June 2 – 18, 2023).

Segment Three (:39-minutes and 30-seconds into the podcast) – Host Scott Walker talked to State Representative Mike Sparks about mental health help for those in Tennessee. Sparks, who lives in Smyrna, discussed the need for more beds in psychiatric hospitals, recovery centers and more.