Best Cities in Tennessee and the United States for Outdoor Weddings

Jun 12, 2023 at 08:00 am by WGNS News

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - Have you ever wondered what cities are the best for outdoor nuptials? Lawn Love took a look at 200 cities across the nation to rate the best areas for outdoor weddings. They looked at the quality of outdoor wedding venues, access to wedding planners, and sunshine, among 36 total metrics, to categorize the best communities for outdoor weddings in 2023.


Out of 200-cities, the Murfreesboro area ranked at number 120 on the list, scoring 26.8 points. Murfreesboro ranked at 100 on the list for wedding venue access, and scored 90 on the list for the quality of venues. When it comes to wedding reception needs, Murfreesboro came in at number 55 on the list. As for wedding accommodations, Murfreesboro ranked at number 86 on the list.

Specifically in Tennessee, Knoxville came in at number 1 on the list for best cities to host an outdoor wedding. Chattanooga was ranked 2nd, Murfreesboro 3rd, Clarksville at number 4, followed by Nashville and Memphis at numbers 5 and 6.

Nationwide, Knoxville was ranked at number 33 and Chattanooga was ranked at number 68 – for outdoor wedding cities. Murfreesboro came in at number 120, followed by Clarksville, Nashville and Memphis at numbers 131, 135 and 173.

The number 1 city in the United States for outdoor weddings was Charleston, South Carolina, followed by Fort Lauderdale at number 2, and then Orlando, Florida at number 3. At the bottom of the list... West Valley City Utah at number 200.


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