Living with PTSD and the Battles that Come with PTSD for Veterans and More

Jun 12, 2023 at 06:38 am by WGNS News

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - Posttraumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a mental health disorder that is a reaction to seeing or going through a life-threatening traumatic event. The impact of PTSD can last for years when untreated and can lead to significant life altering changes in your mental health and day-to-day life.

Dr. Amy Owen, a psychologist who helps veterans at the York VA Medical Center in Murfreesboro and the VA in Nashville, told WGNS some of the problems that those with PTSD live with… Owen is part of the VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System.

Those with PTSD are sometimes hesitant to seek help, out of fear of reliving the traumatic event that led to their PTSD. Owen told WGNS that is not the case…

NUMBERS - PTSD in the Veteran Population (NOTE: The data in this table is from Veterans who were alive at the time of the study. As such, it does not include Veterans in any service area who have died and may have had PTSD)  

  • 29% of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) will experience PTSD at some point in life. 
  • 29% of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Veterans will experience PTSD at some point in life. 
  • 10% of Vietnam War Veterans will experience PTSD at some point in life. 
  • 3% of World War II (WWII) and Korean War Veterans will experience PTSD at some point in life. 

Today, more and more Vietnam War Veterans are seeking help from psychologist, some - - for the very first time…

To seek help for PTSD or for questions about PTSD, Veterans who are already enrolled in the VA system can take the first step by talking to their primary care provider. Veterans who are not yet enrolled in the VA System can enroll by calling the Eligibility Office at 615-225-2715.

For anyone reading this article that needs immediate help with thoughts of suicide or emotional struggles, dial 988 on your phone or visit for information on where to get help. Click here to chat with professionals at the 988 Lifeline. Scroll down for a video that further describes PTSD and scroll down for more information.


What is PTSD - Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health problem. PTSD can only develop after you go through or see a life-threatening event. Some of the key issues that often lead to PTSD include:

  • War and Combat
  • Violence and/or Abuse
  • Disaster and Mass Violence

It's normal to have stress reactions to these types of events, and most people start to feel better after a few weeks or months of receiving the proper help.

Many Veterans ask, “Do I have PTSD?” Click here to start finding answers to that question. You can also learn more about Posttraumatic Stress Disorder HERE. You can hear the entire WGNS interview with Dr. Owen and download the Podcast for FREE HERE.