USDAA® Cynosport® Dog Agility World Games

Jun 16, 2023 at 08:24 am by WGNS

Wed-Sun (Oct. 18-22, 2023) 9AM-5PM The U.S. Dog Agility Association® (USDAA) year-end championships at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum (304B W. Thompson Lane). Watch hundreds of canine agility athletes and their handlers that qualified from across the nation and around the world to compete in Murfreesboro. Admission is free. Tournament competition at Cynosport® is only open to previously qualified dogs.

The Cynosport® Dog Agility World Games features multiple rings of simultaneous competition, bringing the nation’s best agility competitors together for a variety of events including the Grand Prix of Dog Agility® World Championship, $15,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase®, Dog Agility Masters® Two- and Three-Dog Team Championships, and Masters Challenge BiathlonSM. The event rotates each year between Eastern and Western locations and features numerous shopping opportunities and fun, “paws-on” events for pet lovers of all ages.

Canine athletes will be unleashed individually to race over obstacle courses against the clock while being navigated by their human partner, using only voice and hand signals. There is nothing more entertaining than watching talented dogs performing against the clock over hurdles and A-frames, through tunnels, hanging tires, weave poles and even the see-saw. Easy for spectators to understand, the objective is to score the fastest time with the least penalties. Dogs of all breeds and sizes compete in various classes where obstacles are set based on the height of the dog.

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