Middle Tennessee Electric and TVA Celebrates 100th Home Uplift Event

Jul 11, 2023 at 10:00 am by WGNS News

Public invited to attend celebration to learn if they qualify for Home Uplift Program and More.

UPDATE: Read the UPDATED Story on Home Uplift and hear soundbites from the event on Thursday. You will also find videos on Home Uplift HERE

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - Middle Tennessee Electric and the TVA will celebrate their 100th Home Uplift project at an event this Thursday. Amy Byers with MTE explained how the Home Uplift program helps low income residents pay for needed HVAC replacements and more...


Home Uplift is an important program because about 30% of those living in our region qualify for Weatherization Assistance. For those who do qualify, it can equal the replacement of a non-functioning heat and air system and additional insulation. Upgrading home insulation or replacing an older HVAC unit often equals a 25% savings on home power bills.

The public is invited to attend the 100th Home Uplift Celebration this Thursday, where they can also learn more about the program and perhaps qualify to receive assistance. At the Thursday event, representative will also share home energy-saving tips that everyone can utilize. Saving money on your power bill is critical as we heat up this summer. As an example of the heat, weather reports call for heat index values to reach as high as 105-degrees on Friday in the Murfreesboro / Smyrna area.

The upcoming celebration will be this Thursday at 4 PM at the Smyrna Outdoor Adventure Center at 100 E Sam Ridley Parkway (Smyrna TN 37167). Again, the celebration will be in Smyrna this Thursday, July 13th at 4 PM.


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