Legislative Council approves six changes to TSSAA Bylaws

Jul 13, 2023 at 12:04 pm by WGNS

The Legislative Council met via a virtual meeting on Thursday, July 13 to take action on six proposed changes to the bylaws. Several clarifications were made to existing rules, but two of the approved changes were related to unsportsmanlike conduct by spectators.

The Council added language allowing the association to fine a school a minimum of $250 when it has a fan ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct during a contest. The new rule also includes the possibility of other non-monetary disciplinary action, including but not limited to probation and/or restrictive probation for the entire athletic program.

Article I, Section 10 pertaining to sport rules meeting attendance is now more specific about the deadline for completion of the state rules meetings, specifying it to be the "TSSAA Date of First Contest". It also clarifies the penalties for non-compliance with rules meeting attendance.

The Council voted to move the first date of practice and first date of competition for Wrestling and Girls' Wrestling one week earlier to NFHS Week 17 and NFHS Week 20, respectively, beginning with the 2024-25 school year. All TSSAA sports calendars are based on a standardized NFHS week numbering and the change will ensure that wrestling finishes its seasons in February every year.

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