State Representative to Auction Off House Plate

Aug 15, 2023 at 10:42 am by WGNS News

Smyrna, TN — State Representative Mike Sparks is selling his license plate, which is a State House of Representative plate, to help raise funds for the game of chess. His tag is made up of three numbers - - 357… Sparks explains more about the proceeds…

In exploring education in the state, along with the incarceration rate, Sparks said the budget for our prison system has doubled in the past 13-years…


Again, funds from the sale of the Tennessee House plate belonging to Representative Sparks will go to Smyrna West Alternative School, to be used in their chess program to improve critical thinking skills of students. 

More: Sparks told WGNS News, “Tennessee ranks 2nd in violent crime. Our state prison budget has doubled since 2010, amassing to $1.2 Billion. We've got to reach these young people to help them with critical thinking skills and making better decisions. The game of chess is much like life "Think Before you move! There are no take-backs in Chess and Life." The decisions we make today have good or bad outcomes in the future.”

To Bid: If anyone is interested in placing a bid, they can call Sparks at 615-525-3198.  It is currently at $200, with historian Marty Luffman having the highest bid.

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