Segment 1: Red Cross: Disasters/Blood Shortage; Segment 2: Grief Healing

Aug 23, 2023 at 09:23 am by Producer

Upper Left: John Mitchell, Lower Right: Bitsy Russell, Shannon Woodfin Parsons

Segment 1: Red Cross: Disasters/Blood Shortage

  • Heart of Tennessee Executive Director John Mitcvhell tells of Murfreesboro's Sandy Hughes as a Red Cross disaster volunteer in Maui, Hawaii
  • Scarlett James tells about the blood shortage, expecially a critical need for blood and an awareness of Sickle Cell


Segment 2: Grief Healing:  Healing is needed in the grief process. Shannon Woodfin Parsons and Bitsy Russell tell how Woodfin Chapel is offering a FREE morning walk every Thursday morning (9:30AM) in the Oaklands Pavilion, next to the mansion. This walk begins on Thursday at 9:30AM starting Sept. 14, 2023. It was pointed out that exercise and sharing thoughts with others who are also grieving, can help each other through this rough road.