New Rutherford County School and Major School Zone Changes Coming

Sep 05, 2023 at 01:00 pm by WGNS News

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - As new additions progress at high schools like Riverdale, Oakland and Smyrna, the Rutherford County School Board will be working to redraw school zones… That was Director of the Rutherford County Schools Dr. Jimmy Sullivan.

A big piece of the rezoning puzzle focuses on the opening of a new K thru 5th grade school, which will be built on a section of the Batey Farms property in the Blackman community…


New additions at Oakland, Riverdale and Smyrna High School’s are expected to be complete in time for the new school zones. At that point, each of the three schools will hold 2,500 students… The county schools have also hired a specialized firm to help with the massive rezoning project.

Again, the county schools director suggested that new zoning should be in effect for the August 2025 school year, but the decision is ultimately in the hands of the Rutherford County School Board. The Rutherford County Schools will hold meetings about rezoning September 18th through the 20th to introduce new zoning concepts to the public. Officials will be seeking input from the public at those future meetings, which will be in the school board office at 2240 Southpark Drive in Murfreesboro.

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