Guices Offer Labor of Love in Rutherford County

Sep 05, 2023 at 06:53 pm by WGNS News

Photos from the Guices

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - Clarence and E.T. Guice provided a labor of love during the Labor Day weekend to repair a senior citizens’ decaying porch and replace the worn steps.


The Guices coordinate the free Sheriff’s Office’s Senior Citizens Awareness Network to help senior citizens’ needs in the county.

They received a referral about the deteriorating porch at Thomas Spann’s home in Christiana. Because of the potential dangers, Spann could not walk on most of his porch. “The porch was dangerous,” E.T. Guice said. “He could have fell right through it.”

Clarence Guice bought new steps, brought lumber he owned and reused good lumber from the porch to make the repairs with the help of his wife. Spann was pleased with the results and the use of his porch. “He was so happy,” ET. Guice said. “He gets to walk the whole porch now.”

The Guices like helping senior citizens. The retired couple volunteer more than 30 hours a week to the SCAN program with duties ranging from calling senior citizens to check on their welfare to delivering food.

People who are interested in helping senior citizens may register to be a SCAN volunteer. People may call SCAN at 615-904-3139 for information. Clarence and E.T. Guice worked on the porch together and the job came together. “There’s a need there and you feel like you’ve got to help,” Clarence Guice said. “It makes you feel good when you do something for someone.”



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