Davidson County Chancellor Confirmed Earlier Landfill Decision

Sep 08, 2023 at 05:44 pm by WGNS

(MURFREESBORO) Davidson County Chancellor Russell T. Perkins issued a decision on Friday (9/8/2023) affirming the decision of the Central Tennessee Regional Solid Waste Planning Board to deny BFI Waste System of Tennessee’s application to construct a new landfill adjacent to BFI’s current operations at Middle Point. In explaining his decision, Chancellor Perkins noted that there was “substantial and material evidence” that supported “the Board’s determination that BFI’s application is inconsistent with the Central Region’s current Regional Plan.”  

BFI’s application called for the construction of a new landfill on 99 acres along Jefferson Pike. The proposed site is adjacent to the existing 200-acre Middle Point Landfill located along the East Fork of the Stones River. Under state law, the Regional Planning Board is required to consider and either approve or deny Republic’s application before TDEC can commence its own review. BFI had filed the lawsuit in Davidson County Chancery Court seeking to overturn the Board’s unanimous July 9, 2021, decision to deny the application. The City became a party to that lawsuit in November 2021.


Commenting on the decision, Mayor Shane McFarland stated: “The City Council voted to intervene in the lawsuit on behalf of the Regional Board to ensure that the concerns of thousands of Murfreesboro were represented and heard. Friday’s decision is the latest development in the battle against the construction of a new landfill at Middle Point. It’s a big win for the community. The City will remain steadfastly opposed to any expansion of the landfilling operations at Middle Point.”


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