Sep 20, 2023 at 09:05 am by Producer

Sgt. Michael Rodgers, RCSO

Traffic challenges continue to be a part of the explosive growth in Rutherford County, TN. Rutherford County Sheriffs Sgt. Michael Rodgers interacts with listeners about traffic issues: 

  • Law enforcement agencies working this afternoon with SUMMERTIME BLUES to clamp down on speeding motorists, distracted and aggressive drivers, and more.
  • He talks about "road rage" and how most situations are men age 30+.  
  • TOUCH A TRUCK features fire trucks, helicopters, ambulance, SWAT vehicle and more (9AM-noon) at World Outreach Church. 
  • TRUNK OR TREAT is a drive-through with law enforcement agencies at the old Drivers License location on Samsonite Blvd. (5-7PM on Oct. 24, 2023). 
  • Discussion of license plate readers (he said MPD already has several and RCSO is installing them).
  • Frustrated listener sends text on lanes block as motorist continue through turn signal when it's RED from Broad to Thompson Lane.