The Blessing Boxes are Filling the Need by Feeding the Hungry

Nov 17, 2023 at 12:25 am by WGNS News

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RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - A group of Good Samaritan's have quietly worked behind the scenes for several years to provide food to those in need through what are called “Blessing Boxes...” That was Sarah Carroll who volunteers to oversee The Blessing Boxes of Rutherford County. One of the unique aspects of a Blessing Box is that individuals can pick-up food at any hour, which is especially helpful for someone working a late-night shift to make ends meet. Carroll told us the boxes are completely anonymous too... When a single parent can barely afford rent, answering questions about income can make a person feel inadequate. Carroll pointed out that it's good to give people options, outside of a food bank.


Blessing Boxes began in Rutherford County with only a few locations... Now, there are around 30 boxes. Some of the boxes are in front of schools and churches, while others are next to non-profits and even commercial businesses.

Over 7-thousand people are members of the Facebook group for The Blessing Boxes... To get involved, search “The Blessing Boxes of Rutherford County, TN” on Facebook (you can also Click Here).


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