Unemployment Rates Drop Across Tennessee, Rutherford County Among the Lowest

Dec 28, 2023 at 09:58 pm by WGNS News



RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - New data released by the Department of Labor and Workforce Development reveals encouraging news for Tennessee as the unemployment rates decreased in the majority of the state's counties in November. Out of Tennessee's 95 counties, 89 recorded lower rates for the month, indicating positive trends in the job market.

In the local landscape, Rutherford County stands out with the 4th lowest unemployment rate in Tennessee, according to the latest statistics from the state. For the month of November, Rutherford County reported a jobless rate of 2.7%, positioning it favorably in the state rankings. Tying for the 5th spot with Sumner County, Rutherford County demonstrates its resilience in maintaining a robust job market.

At the top of the list was Moore County, boasting an impressive 2.4% unemployment figure for November. Williamson County secured the 2nd position with a 2.6% jobless rate, sharing the spot with Sevier County at number 3.

Breaking down the data within Rutherford County, the cities continue to outperform national averages. Smyrna, with its 2.6% unemployment rate, takes the lead as the city with the lowest unemployment figure in the county. This marks a -0.2 point decrease from the employment figures recorded in October, showcasing the city's ongoing economic hardiness. LaVergne follows closely with the second-lowest unemployment rate in Rutherford County at 2.7%. Meanwhile, Murfreesboro maintains commendable jobless figures, reporting a 2.8% unemployment rate for November.

These statistics further demonstrate the positive trajectory of Tennessee's job market and the local success of Rutherford County in fostering employment opportunities. As communities continue to navigate economic recovery, the focus remains on sustaining these positive trends and encouraging an environment conducive to ongoing job growth and stability.


MORE: For Tennessee as a whole, unemployment remained the same in three counties this past November and increased in three counties. November’s data also showed that 92 of the state’s 95 counties recorded rates of less than 5% during the month. The remaining three counties had rates higher than 5% but less than 10%.  
Perry County recorded November’s highest unemployment in Tennessee with a rate of 5.3%. The county's new rate dropped by a staggering 2.6 percentage points from its October rate of 7.9%. Lauderdale County had Tennessee’s next highest jobless number. Its November rate of 5.2% was 0.3 of a percentage rate lower than the rate the county recorded in October.


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