Handgun Carry Permits in Tennessee: Murfreesboro's Growing Trend

Jan 31, 2024 at 07:19 pm by WGNS News


RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - In the period between August 3, 2023, and Monday, January 29, 2024, Murfreesboro has seen a lot of reports related to the unlawful use of firearms. A total of 105 reports were filed, covering a range of incidents involving suspects engaged in dangerous felonies or possessing a handgun while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. But more important than gun related violations are the number of residents who are legally armed for the purpose of protecting their family, friends and sometimes - - even strangers.


You may recall Tennessee underwent a significant change in its gun laws in 2021 with the passing of the permitless carry law, allowing citizens 21 and older, who are not convicted felons, to carry a loaded handgun openly or concealed without a permit. This change also extended the right to carry to active military or honorably discharged service members aged 18 and older.


One year after the law went into effect, state statistics revealed that Tennessee issued over 67,000 handgun carry permits. Surprisingly, Murfreesboro, specifically the 37128 ZIP code, experienced the most significant growth in new handgun carry permits. This ZIP code covers the area south of I-24 and between I-840 and Highway 231 South.

Noteworthy trends in permit issuance include the peak in March and a decline in December. Analysts speculate that this might be influenced by the timing of tax refunds, with many Americans receiving them in late February to early March.

However, having a handgun carry permit doesn't make residents immune to consequences. In the year following the law change, the State of Tennessee took actions against permit holders, suspending 1,843 permits, revoking 943, and denying 1,648. Shelby County, home to Memphis, led in the number of suspended, revoked, or denied permits, followed by Knox County and Davidson County.

Rutherford County, including Murfreesboro, recorded 101 handgun carry permit suspensions, 31 revocations, and 75 denials in the most recent statistical year. Despite this, the county boasts nearly 32,000 active handgun carry permit holders.

Statewide, Shelby County holds the highest number of permit holders, with over 78,000, followed by Knox County, Davidson County, Hamilton County, and Rutherford County, rounding out the top five with approximately 32,000 active permits. As Murfreesboro's residents continue to embrace their Second Amendment rights, the dynamics of handgun carry permits in Rutherford County remain a subject of both interest and responsibility.

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