📺 Traffic Alert! I-24 at Mile Marker 78 - Lanes Shutdown for Pothole Repaving

Feb 01, 2024 at 10:24 am by Producer

Rutherford County, TN - The aftermath of recent ice and snowfall, coupled with salted roads, have created hazardous conditions for motorists in Rutherford County, particularly at highway speeds. Potholes, ruts, dips, and cracked pavement have become challenges that force drivers to navigate carefully to avoid potential damage to their vehicles.


Potholes, a common problem after freezing and thawing cycles, have plagued roadways as moisture infiltrates the pavement, freezes, expands, and weakens the surface. Traffic further exacerbates the issue, leading to the formation of these road hazards, which can cause significant damage to tires and wheels and, in some instances, result in the loss of control over vehicles.

In response to these deteriorating road conditions, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) commenced repair work on Interstate 24 in the Murfreesboro area. The repair operations began on Thursday at 9 AM and are scheduled to conclude at 3 PM, resuming on Friday as needed. The duration of the repairs is contingent on the extent of the damage that crews encounter in the coming days.

Thursday's focus was primarily on the stretch of Interstate 24 between mile markers 79 and 77, near the I-24 interchanges of Highway 99 (Exit 80) and Highway 96 (Exit 78). TDOT confirmed that the repair work will necessitate lane closures for westbound motorists during this period.

Motorists who suffer vehicle damage due to potholes on state roadways may be eligible for reimbursement. The Tennessee Department of Transportation emphasizes that drivers can submit damage claims on a case-by-case basis through the Tennessee Department of Treasury, providing a potential avenue for relief for those affected by the deteriorating road conditions. As repair efforts continue, TDOT urges vigilance and caution from the public to ensure safety on the roadways.

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