Murfreesboro PD Launches Safer Streets Campaign

Feb 07, 2024 at 07:40 pm by Chandelar Williams

MURFREESBORO, TN - The Murfreesboro Police Department is initiating a new Traffic Safety Education & Enforcement Campaign, titled "Safer Drivers, Safer Streets." Michael Bowen, the Chief of Police for Murfreesboro, told WGNS News that a new unit will help to improve safety on area roads... 


The new traffic campaign aims to address various traffic concerns, including reducing the number of traffic crashes, fatalities, incidents of speeding, instances of distracted driving, and other moving traffic violations. Through this comprehensive initiative, the department seeks to enhance road safety and promote responsible driving behaviors among motorists in the community.

New technology has also allowed the MPD to offer additional services, one of which is a new online accident reporting system... According to the police department, most accident reports are filed electronically, allowing residents to pick up a copy at the Records Section or Front Desk within three days.

  • Traffic Division HERE
  • Additional Online Reporting HERE
  • File a Traffic Complaint HERE


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