Lifesaving Heroes: Students Revive Retired Professor from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Feb 10, 2024 at 02:10 pm by Chandelar Williams

Murfreesboro, TN - Four Middle Tennessee State University students demonstrated remarkable courage and quick thinking when they saved the life of a retired professor who suffered sudden cardiac arrest at the campus recreation facility. Their prompt response, utilizing CPR and an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), revived Richard Detmer, a 72-year-old former professor, from the brink of death.
On the morning of January 25, Detmer was at the recreation center for his usual swim when he experienced sudden cardiac arrest and lost consciousness. Witnessing the emergency unfold, the students immediately took action.
Deeply grateful for the students' intervention, Detmer now advocates for CPR and AED certification, emphasizing the importance of these lifesaving skills. He acknowledges that without the students' timely intervention, he wouldn't be alive today.
A recent visit to the recreation center provided Detmer with an emotional opportunity to reunite with the students who saved his life. Overwhelmed with gratitude, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to the young adults, recognizing them as true heroes.
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