Smyrna Residents Contemplate Charter Amendment: Potential Shift in Criminal Court Jurisdiction

Feb 27, 2024 at 12:11 pm by Chandelar Williams

Smyrna, TN - A proposed amendment to the Town Charter of Smyrna, Tennessee is sparking conversations about the jurisdiction of criminal offenses within the town. Currently, both the Town Municipal Court and the Rutherford County General Sessions Court handle these cases. However, the proposed amendment aims to remove the Town Municipal Court's jurisdiction over criminal offenses.
If approved, all criminal cases would be exclusively handled by the Rutherford County General Sessions Criminal Courts, while infractions related to municipal codes and traffic violations would continue to be under the jurisdiction of Smyrna Town Court.
Additionally, the proposed amendment includes changes to key positions within the Town Court, such as the Town Court Clerk and Town Judge. However, before these changes can take effect, the amendment must pass through several stages of approval. First, it needs majority approval from Smyrna voters in a referendum. Then, it must be approved by the Tennessee General Assembly and ratified by two-thirds of the Town Council.
This proposed amendment, known as Ordinance Number 23-39, is generating discussions among Smyrna residents about potential shifts in the town's judicial system.
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