Pioneering Progress: Rutherford County's New Transfer Station Breaks Ground

Feb 27, 2024 at 06:15 pm by WGNS News

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RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - Rutherford County reached a significant milestone on Tuesday with the groundbreaking ceremony for a 12,500-square foot transfer station, located at 6000 Landfill Road in Murfreesboro. Scroll down for video.

A transfer station serves as a pivotal facility where solid waste is received and prepared for transport to its final destination. Mayor Joe Carr, county commissioners, and Solid Waste Director Bishop Wagener spearheaded the initiative, dedicating extensive time to research and planning the best solution for the community's solid waste challenges.


In just 17 months, from idea conception to plan approval, funding, and the groundbreaking event, the collaborative efforts of local leaders transformed vision into reality. Mayor Carr emphasized the historic significance of the project, highlighting the county's foremost responsibility to its citizens.

District 11 County Commissioner Anthony Johnson expressed enthusiasm for the future impact of the transfer station, emphasizing its role in advancing the county's infrastructure. District 2 County Commissioner Steve Pearcy echoed this sentiment, recognizing the culmination of years of dedication to this endeavor.

As the fastest-growing county in Tennessee, Rutherford County faces a pressing need for effective solid waste management, with each resident generating 1.1 tons of waste annually. The transfer station marks the initial step in addressing this challenge head-on.

Solid Waste Director Wagener emphasized the station's role in ensuring sustainable waste management for the county's present and future. The event drew key stakeholders, including engineers, contractors, and county officials, underscoring the collective commitment to progress.

Although unable to attend, District 7 County Commissioner Mike Kusch emphasized the significance of the transfer station as a milestone in Rutherford County's journey toward enhanced self-sufficiency and control over its solid waste program.


The county is currently on week 4 of preparations to complete groundwork for the new transfer station. Reports indicate the new facility is expected to be complete by early spring of 2025.



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