Growth in Rutherford County Equals More Accidents and a Larger Fire and EMS Staff

Apr 05, 2024 at 11:24 am by WGNS News

Listen to our entire interview with MFRD below.


RUTHERFORD COUNTY, TN - Between 1940 and 1950, Murfreesboro grew by 37.2%, with a population of 13,027 on April 1, 1950. At the same time, Smyrna also grew by a whopping 212%, adding an additional 724 residents for a total population count of 1,541. On April 1, 1950, the population of Rutherford County added up to 40,613 residents. As the growth continued well into the 1970's, Rutherford County eventually had to add a full time Emergency Medical Service office to further assist the volume of residents. It was in 1972, that the first Rutherford County EMS office opened.


Fast forward to April of 2024, the population of Rutherford County stands at well over 360-thousand residents, which is a growth rate of over 886% over the past 74-years. The numbers don't look to be slowing down because in one year alone (2021-2022), the county grew by over 784 people monthly, equaling more than 9,400 new faces by the start of 2022. As the growth continued, the number of personal injuries also climbed. Brent Carter with the EMS team told WGNS...

In the City of Murfreesboro, one of the fastest growing areas is in the Blackman Community... That was Murfreesboro Fire Rescue Chief Mark McCluskey. When examining the Capital Improvement Plan for the city operated fire department, it appears that the next new fire hall will be built near the new Murfreesboro Medical Clinic, which is within eyesight of I-840...

Within the city limits of Murfreesboro, the MFRD has been diligently responding to a high volume of calls. Just last month (March), fire crews in the city recorded 1,855 calls for service. Of that number, 1,107 were “Rescue” or “EMS Incidents.”

As Rutherford County continues on its trajectory of growth and development, the expansion of essential services remains paramount to meeting the evolving needs of a vibrant community. Through strategic planning and proactive measures, local authorities in every municipality are poised to navigate the challenges posed by rapid urbanization while upholding the safety and welfare of all residents.