23rd Annual EARTH DAY--Huge Success!

Apr 20, 2024 at 05:41 pm by WGNS


Murfreesboro, TN - There was a drizzle in the morning hours as Earth Day supporters were setting-up displays around the Historic Rutherford County Courthouse. Middle Tennessee Electric's President and CEO smiled and said, "Then the sun came out and temps reached the mid 60s". 

This was the electric department's 23rd Earth Day celebration, and it was evident that Jones was proud that Middle Tennessee Electric continued the tradition. 


He was at the electric car exhibit and mingling with the crowd answering questions and answering questions about electricity and MTE. 

It was apparent that 2023's Earth Day turnout was a huge success. 

Middle Tennessee Electric's Amy Byers again coordinated Earth Day. She told WGNS . . .

This year's Earth Day theme was "Think Green--Planet vs Plastics".

Many vendors had exhibits that showed how to be more energy efficient. One was the Roscoe Brown, Inc. group that showed how freon changes and seer rating improvements on HVAC systems was improving air quality. They also shared the importance of proper insulation and other areas that make life more comfortable and enjoyable. 

MTE's energy efficient walk-through trailer that covered ways that LED lights make a huge difference. In fact, there were rebates for TVA preferred heat pumps--including geothermal systems. There are now even rebates on heat pump water heaters, attic and home insulation, window replacement and more. Learn more at mte.com/rebates.

Visitors received dogwood tree seedlings and instructions on how to plant and care for these popular seedlings. Gardeners and naturalists agree that the dogwood is one of the most popular trees in the Volunteer State. Not only does this plant grow well in the variety of soils found in Tennessee, but is also beneficial to native wildlife such as our state birth--mockingbirds, cardubaksm squirrels, and turkeys.


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