Supporting Food Service Workers: Giving Kitchen's Tennessee Tasting Raises Critical Funds

May 17, 2024 at 11:52 am by WGNS News

by Tiffany Parker, WGNS Radio

WGNS' Tiffany Parker talked to Giving Kitchen founder, Jen Hidinger Kendrick, who recalls the day her late husband publicly addressed his cancer diagnosis at a fundraiser as something special - - a fundraiser that friends organized to help her as her husband during a stark time... Jen and her husband Ryan were living in Atlanta at the time and says the goal of the fundraiser was to bring-in $15-thousand. However, the event brought-in much more than that...

As Giving Kitchen Founder and Spokeperson, Jen focus on spreading the mission and helping others in the food industry. Last month, Giving Kitchen celebrated its third year in providing Tennesse food service workers with critical support ...


Close to 200 attendees came together to raise critical funds, demonstrating their unwavering support for Giving Kitchen's cause.

In the past, restaurant workers in places like Rutherford County, and as far away as New York, have lacked resources when they needed them the most, which is why Giving Kitchen has been tremendously successful helping restaurant workers going through struggles...

Since its inception, Giving Kitchen has provided stabilizing assistance to nearly 18,000 food service workers nationwide, distributing an impressive $12 million in direct financial aid. The impact of this assistance is significant... The funds raised at the Tennessee Tasting 2024 event are enough to cover 64 gas bills, 493 water bills, 246 power bills, or 25 months of housing for those in need.

Despite the ongoing economic challenges and high inflation rates, Giving Kitchen continues to provide hope for food service workers throughout the country.


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