Experience History and Gourmet Dining at Oaklands Mansion's Cicadas Soiree

Jun 14, 2024 at 10:14 am by WGNS News

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MURFREESBORO, TN - One of the larger fundraisers of the year for Oaklands Mansion is nearing... That was Oaklands Mansion Executive Director James Manning. The Cicadas Soiree is on Saturday, June 22, 2024 at 6:30 PM and features an all you can eat meal by The Alley on Main.


Everyplace and everything in history has a story - - a story of where it all began. Oaklands Mansion is no different and the story behind the home has a very involved history that went through good times, tough times, a civil war and more. The story behind Oaklands started in the early 1800's with the death of a family member... The first family at Oaklands were worth around $600-thousand. But when you calculate their wealth for today's times, it adds up to the equivalent of $15-million to $20-million. However, much of the wealth that the Maney family had was lost around the close of the civil war, leading them to auction-off their home to a new family – one that was worth even more.

The Darrow family from Memphis, TN bought Oaklands Mansion at auction... Rumored to have the first automobile in Murfreesboro, the Darrow's were said to be the first actual millionaires in Rutherford County. Some reports calculate their wealth to have been $2-million, which translates to over $50-million today.

Take a tour of Oaklands Mansion or attend the upcoming Cicadas Soiree on June 22. You can learn more at OaklandsMansion.org.