Rutherford County Schools Launches New Brand and Marketing Initiative to Promote Schools, Innovative Opportunities for Students

Jul 09, 2024 at 02:31 pm by WGNS News

MURFREESBORO, TN — Strong schools develop strong students which in turn build strong communities.  That sentiment is at the core of Rutherford County Schools’ new branding and marketing initiative launching today. 

For the past several months, the teams at RCS and Rhodes Branding, a strategic marketing and branding agency based in Columbia, South Carolina, have collaborated on a rebranding process to elevate the district’s brand in the increasingly competitive K-12 educational environment.


The branding initiative was a comprehensive process designed to positively position RCS to attract future generations of high-caliber students, staff and families, by authentically representing the district’s core values and unique attributes in tangible forms that resonate with parents and other key stakeholders. 

“Our schools are known for their high performance, but increasingly like many school districts, we find ourselves competing for funding and resources among multiple entities, including charter schools, vouchers and private schools,” Director of Schools Dr. Jimmy Sullivan said. “Branding is much more than a new logo. It is a vital, strategic initiative that helps define an organization, its messaging, and its image.”

To shape the creative vision and direction, Rhodes Branding collected feedback from RCS students, families, staff, and the broader Rutherford County community through surveys, workshops, interviews and focus groups. 

The evolution of RCS’ visual identity comprises core elements that work together to communicate the intended brand vision and personality to employees, brand affiliates, and the public. The new color palette enhances brand visibility and conveys a sense of modernity and professionalism, aligning with the school district’s commitment to innovation and high performance. The brand’s personality emphasizes collaboration, impact, and success, striving for excellence and forward-thinking in all communications to create a unified and dynamic educational environment.

“Our schools provide incredible opportunities and innovative programs for students to help them achieve their goals and dreams, and we want to ensure current parents and those moving to our community know how to capitalize on these offerings to benefit their children,” Chief Communications Officer James Evans said. “That is the intent behind this branding and marketing push.” 

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