Handgun Permit Holders Increased by Nearly 300 in Past Month in Rutherford County

Jun 06, 2013 at 06:00 am by bryan

How’s your handgun permit doing? Still have it? Records from the State of Tennessee in February of this year indicate that over 1,100 handgun permits were revoked or suspended in 2012. Sound like a big number? It’s not… considering that today there are 428,919 handgun permit holders in the Volunteer State.

Gene Kennedy with LegallyArmed.com reports that in Rutherford County there are 16,846 valid handgun carry permit holders. Over the past month, there were 292 new permits approved in our county. The percent of adults with a handgun permit in Rutherford County stands at 8% today.



State Statistics: Current Handgun Permit Numbers by County

Gene Kennedy with legallyarmed.com

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