UPDATE: Names Released of the Young Men Rescued from Stones River Wednesday Night

Jun 06, 2013 at 06:00 pm by bryan

We have an update on the water rescue which took place late Wednesday night at the Nice’s Mill Dam in the Smyrna area.

The Wednesday evening rescue occurred when four young men became trapped in waist-deep water in the Stones River off of Sulpher Springs Road in Rutherford County. Cameron Skees, age 18, of Stonewall Boulevard, Zachary Ray, age 18, of Stewarts Creek Road and two juveniles ages 16 and 17, had to be rescued by emergency workers.


The teens had just finished a day of inner-tubing and were in the process of setting up camp when the water rose too quickly. Their campsite was evidently below the dam on a small island of land in the middle of the water. While on the small island, the water quickly rose to what was a dangerous level so the teens decided to send one to the shore in order to seek help. Skees, the stronger swimmer, swam to shore while the other three took shelter between two trees.

Rutherford County Special Operations Response Team, the Rutherford County Dive Team and Murfreesboro Fire and Rescue’s Swift Water Team arrived. In a joint operation, they safely rescued the three other stranded males. They were evaluated by paramedics after being safely removed from the island. By 10:20 Wednesday night, Sheriff Robert Arnold said, “Everyone was out of the water and being checked by paramedics.” No serious injuries occurred. 

See location on the map HERE. 


Lisa Marchesoni, Public information officer
Rutherford County Sheriff's Office

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