Deputies Scott Baker and Christian Wrather

Jun 16, 2013 at 09:02 pm by bryan

A listener with diabetes was driving alone on I-24 and without realizing what was happening…he slowed to twenty miles per hour. Yes, twenty…on the interstate.  Sheriff’s Deputies Scott Baker and Christian Wrather saw the motorist and knew something was wrong. They started to pull in front of the slow moving vehicle and try to stop it that way, but the semi-conscious driver was alert enough to stop himself. Two passing nurses immediately recognized a hyperglycemic attack. They gave him sweet tea until paramedics arrived. He was then rushed to the E.R. Thanks to Deputy’s Wrather and Baker, all ended well with no one getting hurt. And if Deputy Wrather’s name sounds familiar, awhile back--he was honored by Demos for coming to the aid of a grandmother who had a massive stroke. She was taking care of her grandson while the parents were in L.A. for a funeral. Deputy Wrather was the Good Samaritan who watched over the child and checked on the grandmother until the parent’s returned.