New Year's Day 5K 2022

The start of the New Year's Day 5K in Barfield Crescent Park on 1/1/2022.
The start of the race!
Runners and walkers started at the ballfields in Barfield Crescent Park and then took a right onto the main park road.
The race went around the ballparks and then onto the trail area.
Runners and walkers of all age groups participated in the New Year's Day 5k on 1/1/2022.
Left: 1st Place Winner Danniel Smith / Right: 2nd Place Kylie Wittman.
One runner took her shoes off to run barefoot halfway through the 5k.
Jenna finished the race barefoot.
Runners refueled after the race.
After Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland ran the race, he handed out medals to those who crossed the finish line.
Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland handing out awards at the end of the 5K on 1/1/2022.
Mayor McFarland handing out medals.
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