Three Tennessee Physicians Sentenced for Illegal Prescription Conspiracy and Fraudulent Practices

May 10, 2024 at 02:15 pm by Chandelar Williams

Frankfort, Ky - Three Tennessee physicians were handed significant prison sentences by U.S. District Judge Gregory F. Van Tatenhove for their involvement in a conspiracy to un.... Read More

32 Defendants Convicted After Decade of Violent Crime

Dec 12, 2022 at 11:14 pm by WGNS News

(Rutherford County, TN) The final six defendants in a RICO conspiracy operating out of Clarksville, Tennessee, were sentenced last week in U.S. District Court, announced U.S..... Read More

FUN with Conspiracy Theories and Fake News

Feb 08, 2021 at 04:57 pm by WGNS

MTSU Professor of Journalism Larry Burriss always has his eyes open for interesting finds in the media, both stories from the past and current news. Today, he dives into consp.... Read More