LaVergne Man arrested in Smyrna for Strangling and Kidnapping girlfriend

Jul 28, 2015 at 11:06 am by bryan

A LaVergne man has been arrested after he allegedly strangled and kidnapped his girlfriend. The incident unfolded in the parking lot of Jackson Heights Plaza in Murfreesboro and ended behind the shopping center on Monday night.

The victim told police that during the argument in the vehicle, he strangled her to the point where she was unable to breath or talk. She said the man then drove her behind the shopping center while she tried to escape by jumping out of the moving car without success. This victim said that 20-year old Chris Thedford "Continually prevented her escape, physically by holding onto her." The victim said that once Thedford stopped, she was able to make a run for it. Thedford fled the scene later texting the victim a photo of what appeared to be a noose around his neck. In the text the culprit reportedly stated, "I'm about to take my life and call the police cause my life is done and over with since I put my hands on you."

A "Be On The Lookout" was issued by police and Thedford was eventually located and captured by officers in Smyrna. During the search, a witness stopped police and told them he witnessed the strangulation as well as Thedford preventing the victim from exiting the vehicle. When police questioned Thedford, he admitted to preventing the 20-year old victim from exiting the car. He said at one point she bit his wrist and said that he struck her in the throat and "blacked out," insinuating that he blacked out. He then said that he could have strangled the victim, but did not remember it.

Thedford was charged with "Aggravated Domestic Assault" and "Aggravated Kidnapping." As of Tuesday, he was still behind bars. His court date has been set for August 27, 2015.


MPD Domestic Violence Report #15-15062
MPD Arrest Report #15-15062

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