The Amazing Shake at Walter Hill Elementary

Mar 26, 2018 at 09:05 am by WGNS

(L-R) Dr. Helen Campbell and Dr. Leila Hinkle on WGNS

Today's students are preparing for a successful tomorrow. Walter Hill Elementary School Principal Dr. Helen Campbell and 4th Grade Teacher Dr. Leila Hinkle share opportunities that local students receive that prepares them for a successful future.

THE AMAZING SHAKE is a rapid fire situation where students improve their "soft skills" with 30-second responses to 19 local professionals from the community's workforce. In that half-minute period visiting professionals judge the students on eye contact, good handshake and conversational skills.


A good hand shake, eye contact and the ability to think quickly and share ideas clearly. These are taught in THE AMAZING SHAKE, which has been a part of Walter Hill's curriculum for four years. In addition, the youth meet with business leaders and learn skills along with having a business lunch where they improve manners and eating etiquette.

With THE AMAZING SHAKE, 10 students are chosen from the first round, and they then move to a boardroom setting for the second round of competition.