Swap and Shop for Thursday

Sep 03, 2020 at 08:09 am by Producer

WANTS: used electric hedge trimmer 615-713-7728

FOR SALE: Scrub uniforms (size 17); jeep tires 615-542-3003

FREE: seasoned or green firewood 615-545-3911

WANTS TO PICK-UP: old washers and dryers (fee for service) 615-506-1150

FOR SALE: Matchbox and Hot-wheels mini-cars 615-848-3270

FOR SALE: old unfinished barn wood; WANTS: outside Labrador puppy 615-977-1064

FOR SALE: 1949 Ford 8N “Red Belly” tractor $1,000 615-207-0897

FOR SALE: SKS rifle with 32-round clip 615-785-5288

FOR SALE: farm fresh brown eggs $3/dozen 615-796-7867

FOR SALE: 2008 Mac desktop computer $100 615-692-8471

FOR SALE: Nordick Track elliptical machine 615-893-3602