Swap and Shop for Wed. 9/30/20

Sep 30, 2020 at 08:10 am by Producer

Swap and Shop for Wed. 9/30/20:

FREE firewood. Trees already down. Hickory and oak. Call 615-545-3911.

For Sale: Purple Top Turnip Greens 615-896-2773

FREE: Futon Mattress, mattress only. Free a cabinet that holds a TV or could be used as a closet 615-962-1102

WANTED: Help fixing an older home, have lots of work for someone - 615-848-3601

FOR SALE: SKS rifle (32-round clip); 12 gauge pump shotgun 615-785-5288

WANTS: Corn planter 615-423-7979

FOR SALE: 10 pieces of 20-foot 3/4-inch re-bar 615-545-3911

WANTS: microwave oven 615-848-3270

FOR SALE: 2 Lazy Boy recliners (like new) $75 each 615-394-2414

WANTS: 6-foot medium duty bush hog 615-542-0448

FOR SALE: old, unfinished barn wood; WANTS: outside dog (Labrador puppy) 615-977-1064

FREE: new futon mattress; big cabinet for a TV 615-962-1102